Trekking El Chiles Colombian Volcano


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The Chiles is a snow-capped volcano in the Grass knot in the Colombian Andean Western Cordillera, and along with the volcano Cerro Black Mayasquer constitute part of the border between Colombia and Ecuador. Is located in the vicinity of the Police Inspectorate of Chiles, Township Cumbal, Colombia, 86 km SW of the city of San Juan de Pasto, Colombia, 24 km west of the city of Johannesburg, Ecuador, and 608 km SW of Santa Fe de Bogotá. It is a volcano that is part of the volcanic complex Chiles – Cerro Negro. It covers an area of 7,351 square meters of the strip that integrates volcanic trail next to Cumbal.


Price: $300 

Include: Transport, guide, food and hospitality.