Trekking Mojanda Camino del Inca

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This complex is comprised of three lakes , the first and biggest known as Caricocha or male lake is volcanic in origin , with this gap are two other smaller , the Huarmicocha or female and Yanacocha or black lagoon, all achieve transmit the calm waters and the life of your enviroment.

So in the provincial boundary between Pichincha and Imbabura , passing the town of Pedro Moncayo to 17 km. south of Otavalo is Mojanda the lakeside resort which is on top of the mountain system of Mojanda – boxes and occupies the cauldron of the crater of the extinct volcano Mojanda.
• Caricocha : Lake o man, is the largest and most beautiful because of its crystal blue waters and cool completely. It is located 16 km. Otavalo in a large area surrounded by grasslands . One of its biggest attractions is fishing for trout and the business you are in is provided for long walks and climbs the cliffs and needles Mojanda mountain.

• Huarmicocha : It is also known as Lake woman lies south of Lake Caricocha 3km. approximately circular shape is surrounded by covered areas of the straw up to 3600m.

• Yanacocha : O Black Lagoon, also a tourist attraction because of the abundant trout fishing, is located south east of Caricocha, is the smallest of gaps.