Las Lajas Colombian Church Santuary

Las Lajas Santuary

The Shrine of Our Lady of Las Lajas is a temple and basilica to the Catholic Christian worship and veneration of Our Lady of Las Lajas Ipiales located in southern Colombia and tourism and pilgrimage destination since the eighteenth century. The sanctuary is located in the canyon of Guáitara River in the village of Las Lajas Ipiales Township, seven kilometers from the county seat town in the department of Nariño (Colombia) and 10 km from the border with Ecuador. The current building, built in the early twentieth century, replaced a chapel dating century XVIII and is a church of gray and white stone Gothic Revival style, in imitation of the fourteenth century Gothic, consisting of three ships built on a bridge of two arches crosses over the river and makes atrium of the basilica and square or uniting with the other side of the canyon.

PRICE: $220   Include: Transport, guide, food and hospitality.