La Paz Andean Church Santuary

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The nature and faith were the architects of the Grotto of La Paz, a shrine of the Virgin Mary in a stunning cave nestled in the canyon of river Apaquí. The force of water filtered by an arm of the mountain and there opened a stage full of stalactites, including small nesting birds and bats. Named after the grotto where Our Lady of Peace, which has been formed by the fall of the waters of the river Apaquí in a cave is 150 meters deep, and is also formed of stalactites and stalagmites of different sits colors. Location, is located 26 kilometers southeast of the city of San Gabriel and 4 kilometers east of the town of Paz. La Cave is about 150 meters deep. The Grotto of La Paz in Ecuador is unique and has not been reported somewhat similar in South America. The drums Apaquí river water runs through it in a length of 120 m. Emerald green dome, hanging stalactites that threaten to fall. In the sky limestone cave, the patient observer, with a bit of fantasy , you can configure a tormented sunset scenes , almost baroque, while swallows feather, bone and sporadic bats do somersaults in the air. The vegetation is saprophytic, with the exception of a few towering fig trees and copped. The December 10, 1976, the conference of bishops and other church authorities declared it National Marian Shrine and Monastery of Santa Clara opened. It is managed by the Curia and the Community Tulcán Mother Clare. The Grotto, the sculpture of the Virgin of Peace, is carved in stone by Daniel Reyes, imbabureño artist.

Price: $200 Include: Transport, guide, food and hospitality.