Ingapirca Itinerary

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Day 1

We leave Quito one day before to trekking to go Riobamba City.

Day 2
We leave at 7:00 am from the city of Riobamba in the direction of the Alausí Canton, in a 2-hour tour, where we will have breakfast, then transfer to the Azuay community located 30 minutes from where we will start trekking through the impressive Inca Trail Landscapes, lagoons and important archaeological sites in a journey that lasts approximately 8 hours until the camp in the sector of Chacapamba located next to the impressive lagoon of Culebrillas, place where we will spend the night.

Day 3
This day begins with breakfast at 7:00 am, then we start the camp and start the trip to the community of San José where we will set up the camp, which lasts approximately 8 hours, along the way we will know beautiful landscapes, including lagoons, springs, flora , Native fauna and an important archaeological center called Paredones.

Day 4
After breakfast we continue with the tour at 8:00 am towards the Ingapirca Archaeological Complex located in the province of Cañar, in the Ingapirca parish. This tour lasts approximately 3 hours. On the site we will visit the archaeological complex where we will know about the Inca and Cañari culture who dominated those territories, a journey that lasts approximately 1 hour. After this activity we will undertake the return trip to the city of Quito.