Chachimbiro Spring Water in Imbabura

There is an enviable place for medical tourism: Chachimbiro, northwest of Ibarra industry that has a number of resorts in thermal pools, where the Public Company Holy Water, properly run by the Provincial Government of Imbabura highlights. This deal reminds us that the Imbabura province is famous for its lakes and water systems. The Urcuquí canton where Chachimbiro is, is exhibiting this wealth themselves including landscapes of the moor, where you can camp in the middle of rabbits and deer. Nearby is Ñagñaro, upcoming Piñán, a wonderful lake system at 4,536 meters, where you can see from bromeliads to cerotes and, hopefully, over majestic condor. The walk should also lead to Pato Cocha, a 4,016 m, whose extensive grasslands are a bright blue dress with minimal gaps during the winter.

PRICE $150 include transport, food, hospitality and guide.