Cayambe Volcano Tour


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One of the most popular places to approach the mysteries of the ice is the Cayambe glacier. This monument, where a third of the country (5790 meters above sea level) rises highest mountain, is preferred by the guides for what the school called Glacier. This is to teach the novice the basic guidelines for safely walk through snowy. This is also the venue for the first time to experience the thrills of ice climbing. Cayambe glacier is about an hour and a half from the capital. It is preferable to reach the shelter at 4600 meters above sea level, in a vehicle with four-wheel drive because the road has loose stones or sludge can be filled by rain, sometimes. At the shelter, one of the best in the country according to the climbers, adventurers can change clothes, fill the toilet, eat something and then leave for the tour. When ice comes after a 20 minute walk along a path of earth and stones, from which contemplates the colossus covered by snow. To continue on the glacier crampons necessary placed with its metal teeth that allow no slipping on ice. To move forward, up and down, you must know some techniques like duck (with feet and all the studs on the floor), the American, the French and others … these are ways to walk through the snow.

Price: $70 full day tour;       Include: transport, guide.