Red Rocks Safari Valle del Chota $200, 2 Days Tour

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The upper valley of the Chota River in northern Ecuador, and the small villages in it are usually referred to as ‘El Chota’, and it runs east-west between the two ranges of the Andes. It lies in the provinces of Imbabura, Carchi and (to the west) Esmeraldas. The river and its upper valley are situated about halfway between the equator and the Colombian border. Accessed off Route 35, the nearest major city is Quito, but Ibarra is the major market centre just south of the valley. It is reputed to be where the best soccer players in the country tend to be from.


Day 1

  • -We start the trip in Quito in the morning.
  • -We pass by Cayambe, Otavalo and Ibarra City.
  • -Arriving within 2 hours, we start the safari trail in Yahuarcocha Lake.
  • -Time approximately to arrived to Valle del Chota 3pm
  • -We eat a lunch and enjoy the pool in the hotel.

Day 2

-Come back to Quito in the morning.

Price: $200 include; transport 4×4, guide, hotel and food.



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