Altar Trekking 3 days Tour $300


Day 1 

We depart from Quito City to Riombamba to sleep there before to go to Altar Volcano.

Day 2

We depart from the city of Riobamba (Terminal) to the Releche community at 7:00 a.m. travel in a vehicle of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to the Trek starting site.
The trek starts in the community We relegate at 9:00 am to the shelters located at 3851 msnm, the approximate time of arrival is 8 hours.
We settle in the shelters and then enjoy a satisfying dinner.
The refuges of El Altar have an impressive view towards the valley of the Collanes and towards the glaciers of the snowy, from this site you can appreciate all the peaks.

Day 3

This day begins with breakfast at 6:00 am, after 8:00 a new trekking to the volcano crater, the approximate time of arrival is 2 hours, we arrive at the yellow lagoon located at 4200 msnm, here you can enjoy the Impressive view of the lagoon approximately 4 kilometers in diameter, as well as the glacial, this is the place to take pictures.
We start the descent at 13.00, return to the refuges and return to the Releche community, the approximate time of arrival is 6 hours. In the community in which the vehicle took us to the city of Riobamba where we end the provision of our services.

2 PAX: $350 x PAX
3 PAX: $300 x PAX
INCLUDE: Transport from Quito, Guíde, carrier, mules, rubber boots, cover coat, Sleeping, shelter, 2 Box Lunch, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast, national park ticket.



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