Zuleta-Imbabura $200, 2 days

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The original inhabitants of the zone of Zuleta were the peaceful Caranquis (800 years BC). Its culture based on agriculture, the activity is very easy to find in a volcanic zone rich in nutrients. Its period ended with the arrival of the Incas a fine of 1470. Inside the land of Zuleta there are 148 tolas of burial Caranquis and 12 pyramids truncated with ramp, that were constructed between century VIII and the XIV. These were constructions to isolate from the soil moisture, buildings such as huts, huts and temples. Although the Caranquis fought against the Incas for 40 years, they were eventually conquered and forced to serve the Incas. The Inca government was short. In 1534 the last Inca King Atahualpa was captured and killed by the Spanish conquistadors under Pizarro, leaving the Inca Empire collapsed and allowing the Spanish Crown to seize their lands.



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