Afroecuadorian Valley, $200, 2 days tour

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The town of Ambuquí, at 1,560 meters of altitude in the Chota Valley, has its anniversary in early March: the Feast of the Egg, a small plum that provides derivatives ranging from wine to jams. After the Thanksgiving Mass, the harvest begins in these thick, aromatic shrubs that grow embraced by a dry 24C. This celebration pays tribute to the agrobiodiversity of the village. That is why ovo liqueur is also part of the Cultural Heritage of Ecuador. Being a mestizo people, although it is located next to Afro-descendant populations, it also has ties with the ancient Caranquis inhabitants of San Clemente. According to recent patrimonial records, Ambuquí prides itself on having the mocha band, as they are called afro influences that musically approach the late nineteenth-century bands of mestizas, but with the variant that the current bands use, Pure and orange leaves to simulate musical instruments like oboes, contrabajos or flutes. These instruments are cut or owls (hence their name). The mythical band mocha is also present in the sector of Charguayaco. Ambuquí is located just 35 kilometers from Ibarra and belongs to its canton. There we can observe, as it were, the confluence of many cultures that inhabit the Chota Valley.




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